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Here are a few of my favorite entries from my main journal, An Englishman in New Jersey, and various guest posts on other folks' blogs.

13 things to think about when making a book trailer

13 things I learned at the James N. Frey workshop 
(not the Oprah guy, the How to Write a Damn Good Novel guy)

Is your 'but' too big?
(guest post on literary agent Nathan Bransford's journal)

Savor the Moments
(guest post on fantasy author, Jim C. Hines' blog)

The Critiquee's Charter 
(Some suggestions for folks to bear in mind when they're about to have their work critiqued)
What did they ever do to you? - Why all good writers are sadists. 
(guest post on the journal of fantasy author, Danielle Ackley-McPhail)

Who does that Shakespeare bloke think he is?


The Fine Art of Self-Promotion
Suggestions and advice about what to do (and what not to do) if you're trying to develop an online presence. 

Interesting blog posts about writing
My weekly 'Picks of the week' collections.