A series of fun, interactive, workshops for 7th and 8th grade students.

Designed to fire up the imagination of young readers and writers, these workshops can be booked separately or as a full, three-part program.

Fun with Fiction

Why do some characters stick in our minds long after we’ve read about (or seen) them, while others get forgotten?


Jon talks about how to create memorable characters. Students then work together as a class to create a fictional hero (or heroine) and villain(ess), complete with physical descriptions, backstory, personality traits and quirks etc.


Class size: up to 30

Duration: up to one hour


Fun with Fiction 


How do writers come up with all those amazing ideas?


Jon talks about how to jump-start your imagination and shares several different approaches to coming up with ideas for stories, from the ‘What if…?’ approach, to interviewing characters, snappy openings and brainstorming titles. Students then work together as a class to create a main story idea, complete with a variety of potential beginnings and endings.


Class size: up to 30

Duration: up to one hour


Fun with Fiction 

Module three: WHERE TO BEGIN?
How do you begin a story in a way that draws readers in?


Jon talks about different ways to begin a story so that readers are pulled in and want to keep going. Students then work together as a class to create some eye-catching opening lines and scenes, which they can use as a starting point for a story of their own. 


Class size: up to 30

Duration: up to one hour


AT THE END OF THE PROGRAM (OR INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOP) all students receive a free CD containing various PDF files including:


A (Kindle compatible) version of Jon’s debut novel, Fur-Face (Echelon Press, 2010)



This file contains links to some useful blogs and websites about writing (including one to the ‘Resources for Young Writers’ page on Jon’s blog). This file also contains links to online and print publications which encourage and/or accept submissions from younger writers. Every link on the list is considered a ‘Safe site’ on Google Search.


 (duration 60 minutes)

An interactive presentation with blogger and author Jon Gibbs


In this fun, interactive presentation, Jon Gibbs takes you through the who; why; what; where; when; and how of blogging. From the easy bit (starting one up) to the hard part, getting people to actually read it. Jon will share some of the proven techniques he used to develop his own blog, An Englishman in New Jersey (, which is read in over thirty countries around the world.

Plus, there may be candy.






IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU! - the secret to successful blogging (duration 60mins or 120mins)

An interactive workshop with blogger and author Jon Gibbs


In this one-hour (or two-hour) workshop, Jon takes attendees through the various stages of writing a blog post, from the importance of an eye-catching title to the perfect ending line. He'll show you how to achieve your 'Writer's Balance' (ten parts self-promotion to one-part self-publicity) and explain the difference between social networking and mere social broadcasting.

Attendees will leave the workshop with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to getting the best out of the most underused or misused tool at a writer's disposal, the online journal.

Attendees who book their place on this workshop more than three weeks in advance will receive a written appraisal of their main blog from Jon (which he'll give out on the day), along with specific suggestions on how to increase web-traffic and make his/her journal even better

How much do you charge for your Fun with Fiction school presentations?
$75 per individual modules (for class of up to 30, one hour duration) or $200 if all three modules booked (includes free CD for each student - see program description for contents).

If you have a different class size/duration in mind, feel free to contact me at (Please put 'FUN WITH FICTION' in the header). 

How much do you charge for your other writing related or blogging presentations?
It depends on the venue and the organization booking me. I don't charge anything for presentations or workshops I give at libraries, or for writing groups which don't have a dues-paying membership, though I usually request permission to sell my work afterwards should attendees wish to buy it.  

If you'd like to book me for one of the events listed above, or you have some other writing/blogging-related subject you'd like me to make a presentation about, please contact me,, to discuss your requirements.

I look forward to working with you.

Jon Gibbs