FUR-FACE book one of: A Cat of Nine Tales   Echelon Press (June 2010) 

book one of: A Cat of Nine Tales 
                                                                    Echelon Press (June 2010)

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An evil scientist with a dastardly invention.  A sadisitic billionaire with a diabolical plan.  What stands in their way? Two teenagers and one amazing cat. 

The bad guys don't stand a chance! 

When 13-year-old Londoner, Billy Euston, moves with his family to the English, country village of Little Chumberry, he finds an unlikely friend in Snowy, an outrageous talking cat that only he can hear.  Through Snowy he learns of an evil scientist who’s been kidnapping local animals for use in experiments on inter-species communication. 

Billy finds himself drawn ever deeper into a world of animal cruelty and exploitation, where every answer uncovers another question.  Who is Fur-Face?  Why is he operating on animals’ brains?  What really goes on in the tunnels beneath Adventure Safari (the nearby zoo and theme park)?  Should Billy put his trust in Carmen, a local girl whose grandmother owns both the research center and the park?  One thing’s for certain, life in the countryside is not what he expected.