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Barnum's Revenge (Echelon Press, 2013)

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Life’s never dull when your best friend is a talking cat.

A month has passed since Bill Euston and Snowy (a talking cat only he can hear) exposed the illegal animal experiments taking place beneath the Adventure Safari zoo and theme park, where Bill’s father works as chief veterinary surgeon. When Bill’s cousin, Luke, comes to stay, the family must pretend Snowy is a normal cat. Luke is a bully. From the moment he arrives, he sets out to make Bill’s life a misery. Not content with taking over his bedroom, he picks on Bill at every opportunity, gets Snowy banished to the kitchen, and worst of all, charms his way into the affections of Carmen, Bill’s only other teenage friend in the village. To make matters worse, someone keeps letting animals out of their enclosures at Adventure Safari. If the sabotage continues, the park may have to close down, forcing the Euston family to give up their idyllic new life in the English countryside. In an effort to discover who’s responsible, Dr. Euston enlists Bill and Snowy’s help, but Snowy has his own problem, a fox with sharp teeth and a vicious temperament to match his name, Shredder.


Fur-Face (Echelon Press, 2010)
Paperback edition (Echelon Press, 2011)

             An evil scientist with a dastardly invention. 
         A sadistic billionaire with a diabolical plan.
         What stands in their way? Two teenagers and one amazing cat.

         The bad guys don't stand a chance!
    'My [10-year-old] little girl loved it.'
M. Stone (UK)

    'A fun read, no matter how old you are.' Karen W. Newton (MD, USA) 

    'I am thrilled to add my name to the list of adults that have
     enjoyed this book.'
K. M. Butler (USA)

    'I want my money back!' Jon's old gran.

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READ CHAPTER ONE ONLINE AT AMAZON.COM: http://tinyurl.com/ang9o5g  

When 13-year-old Billy Euston moves to the English, country village of Little Chumberry, he finds an unlikely friend in Snowy, an outrageous talking cat that only he can hear. Through Snowy he learns of an evil scientist who kidnaps local animals for use in experiments on inter-species communication. Billy finds himself drawn ever deeper into a world of cruelty and exploitation, where every answer uncovers another question. Who is Fur-Face? Why does he operate on animals’ brains? What really goes on in the tunnels beneath Adventure Safari (the nearby zoo and theme park)? With the help of Snowy and Carmen, a local girl whose grandmother owns both the research center and the park, Billy tries to find out, not realizing his search for answers could cost Snowy every last one of his nine lives.

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